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KEB Banners has supplied American made Custom Felt and Tackle Twill banners worldwide since 1987. We offer classic applique' stitch or heat pressed lettering and designs.

Felt Banners

Felt banners can be ordered with applique stitched letters and graphics or with pressed lettering, graphics and applique stitched borders. Pressed felt lettering and design looks almost exactly like the applique felt banner but doesn't require stitching and saves you about 50% of the cost! KEB Banners guarantees pressed felt lettering and designs will never peal or come loose for the life of the banner. Both felt banner types, applique and pressed are made with the same high quality banner felt and craftsmanship. Both types can have intricate seals, logos or crests incorporated in their design.

If you are replacing all your school or organization's banners, pressed felt will result in a huge savings while keeping the time-honored quality appearance.

Tackle Twill Banners
Custom Tackle Twill Banner Design
Shimmering custom tackle twill design

Tackle twill has long since replaced nylon fabric when sheen, durability and ease of care are desired. Tough tackle twill banners can be machine washed to restore their new appearance. Tackle twill doesn't run like nylon and is easily portable making tackle twill an excellent choice for parade banners or banners that will be used at away events and other out-of-doors occasions. Depending on your design and needs applique tackle twill banners are roughly the same price as applique felt banners but are easier maintain. New tackle twill pressed banners offer pressed lettering and numbering with the look of applique' at about half the cost of true applique'.

Order Felt or Tackle Twill Banners

KEB Banner specialists are here to help make ordering custom felt or tackle twill banners easy and convenient. View How to Order and Guarantee information here.

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